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Brooks Brothers

December 6, 2013

At 195 years old, Brooks Brothers is the oldest clothing retailer in the United States. In April 1818, Henry Sands Brooks opened his store at 118 Cherry Street on the corner of Catherine Street in Lower Manhattan. Originally called H. & D.H. Brooks Co, the company changed its name to Brooks Brothers in 1850 when Henry’s sons Elisha, Daniel, and John took charge from their older brother Henry Jr. Henry Jr. had assumed leadership in 1833 upon his father’s death.

Brooks Brothers introduced ready-made suits in 1849 and counted Abraham Lincoln as a loyal customer. In 1850, with the name change came the now famous logo of a sheep suspended in a ribbon. The emblem, dating from the 15th century when Philip The Good, Duke of Burgundy adopted the emblem for his Order of the Golden Fleece. The symbol had long been used by British wool merchants to advertise their products to an illiterate public.

In 1915 Brooks Brothers moved to its current flagship location at 346 Madison Avenue. The last Brooks to lead the company Winthrop Holly Brooks sold the company to Julius Garfinckel & Co in 1946. After being owned by Marks and Spencer until 2001, Brooks Brothers is now owned by Italian billionaire Claudio del Vecchio through his Retail Brand Alliance.

Brooks Brothers does some of it manufacturing in the United States. The ties are manufactured in Long Island City NY, regular finished shirts are produced in Garland, NC and the mid-range 1818 line is manufactured in Haverhill MA.

With over 200 stores in the United States and 70 internationally Brooks Brothers continues to produce top quality clothing and has outfitted 39 of the 44 American Presidents.

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