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J&R Closing for Redesign

May 9, 2014

J&R Music and Computer World, a pillar of the retail community on Park Row for the last 43 years closed its doors on April 10th for a complete redesign. The store, which once occupied eight buildings on Park Row had scaled back in recent years to 1 and 15 Park Park Row. Technology changes like digital music, the proliferation of online retailers like Amazon and competition from large chains like Best Buy and PC Richard have contributed to rethinking the retail concept.

Rachelle and Joe Friedman began the business with a basement record shop in 1971. I remember purchasing my albums in the expanded location at 33 Park Row in the late seventies and early eighties. According to their website the Friedman’s state “In order to facilitate this exciting new initiative, the buildings that J&R occupies have to be totally reimagined and redeveloped. We look forward to sharing more details of these changes in the coming months.” The website also depicts a modern glass structure with 2015 written underneath. We look forward to their grand opening.

Visit for other electronic retailers including hours, directions, transportation and links to social media.

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